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"to t-shirt or not to t-shirt"


Nobody can do what we do

Our company is built on innovation, we are an innovative company who understands what the average person values. We value the customer in every and every instance where they encounter our products or services, as well as the potential for them to experience our solutions when the time of need arises. We believe that a successful company begins with the commitment of a founder to his/her employees. We are constantly striving to improve our products and services based on customer feedback and our customers' feedback. We are extremely confident that we will achieve success and our expectations for our team members, customers and employees. Our company's motto is "No excuses.", and we believe we are capable of doing the right thing for our valued customers, customers and employees."


Meet the team behind it all.


General Manager

GERALDO GERALDO GERALDO GERALDO GROOTER ZHOU is responsible for  developing. He will implement the main ideas and will work with the community to implement them in the right way.


We are located in Timiaouine, Algeria  which has a long-standing tradition of being a lively settlement for Muslim immigrants.  All our shops are open on the Saturday from sunset till the sunrise so there is always something to choose from, which is why we have such good selection and great prices.  We pride ourselves on offering the most affordable products possible and the quality never fails to impress in our sales. We have numerous small and big products and we strive to sell everything you are looking for.
Michele's shop from left to right: Alhamda
Andrea's shop from left to right: Al Hamda
If you are looking for a unique product or just want to shop as a group or get something as a gift, check out some of our groups!  See you soon!

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TEL.: 25036182859667


PHONE: 25036182859667